Wounded by life challenges i walk through a dark tunnel
I ask god WHY

Is this suppose to be?

I cannot see make me stronger
Therefore I will not failed you
Tailing by this long dark journey

lies the lives of the creatures who is meant to try to bring you down
“Now fight my child”
“why have day succeed”
“Put your hands out girl.” “feel around those will be your eyes”
I feel trapped alone and scared unable to predict whats next
Furiously I feel around trying to find some comfort after it all
I asked “lord why am I such a mess” “do I have any bruises or scratches?”
There ARE things you just don’t understand child if you cannot see feel
“Im feeling and theres no comfort.”Please help” and I wiped my hands
From shock of something wet covering my body
I run the opposite way from danger
“Help my lord” i scream
I’m running towards what i believe is right
Right in so many ways but who’s to know the outcome
Who’s to be the judge
Tears are storming now and the faster I run the colder I am
I fall to my knees with little room or air to breath
Slowly I lay down not able to continue
What have i’ve done wrong all the signs were reflected in my actions
“All this could’ve been prevented my child, only if u would’ve just
felt with your heart and not with your mind
All of the things you believed were true

 “things are different in the light now open your eyes”
There I lay taking my last breath

I saw my wounded heart drippn back to its equal and In that moment……

I regretfully closed my eyes.