Its just somethings i can’t understand

Like why do I feel this way when I’m not with you?
Instead of happiness

I feel hurt
My insides filled with hopelessness and regret
I yearn for your attention and your love
But damn do he even recognize me
I smile and say hello

 He just keep on walking past
Pain is what I feel from the courageous act i just made
Only to get shot down
On the ground my heart lay
Circling around and around
Foot print after Foot print
How can you be there and not be here
I don’t understand

how its complicated
Mixed messages seem to feel the air as you say your beautiful and I want you forever
My eyes close because its what my ears always wanted to hear
I part my lips and say what are you doing today?
And everything fall silent
Its seems as if im only seen when its convenient
I say I’m done I cant take this anymore
Its painful and it hurts
But he knows I’ma keep coming back

For the time he wants to spare to use what I’ve got