Unique Topics is ALL about HAVING FUN!!! while clearly voicing opinions on a variety of different important and unimportant topics. See I made this blog solely out of pure boredom. Well that and the fact that i love writing and sharing HAHA. To me, There’s no article, response, topic, subject nor thought that is wrong. Criticism fuels the willingness to thrive and succeed??? How can It be? Well for starters its all about perception. Everything that we as humans take in we have thee option to control… HOW? we are all gods silly….and in this case taking such criticism and positively creating an output for it does wonders.  BELIEVE ME!! Opportunities are always present alls you gotta do Boo boo is have the heart to take it! accept it!! and conquer it!!!. Everyone’s opinions and beliefs on how one view things should never be a fuel for an argument but an open invitation on perceiving the information as the individual does. This world comes in all shapes and sizes given there is only one world but over a billion people. Do you believe we all see it the same?? Come on have an imagination please remember, as one is telling it and explaining it through their own vision not yours. hey, Thats how i look at it!! Negativity gets not light here because where theres a negative their is always a positive. Unique topics is a place to express and experience. Experience life through the eyes of others while personally being able to express and acknowledge your own personal feelings about and on the subject. A place to unwind grab your wine and read good topics. This is not only going to be a laid back blog but a fun blog where things like grammatical error isn’t a stress-er because focusing on the little stuff like laughter and enjoyment matters most.


Growing up in Washington dc, I never looked for any excuses or hand outs. I worked my ass of as a child going through school and also throughout my adult life in not only the working field but more importantly the MOM one. Life was not and is not easy!! Hey dont expect for it to be but trying to become someone in the cold streets of Dc Se did have its challenges but not its setbackes!!  Me being more determine to not be a statistic and to not go through hardship because of the wrong choices automatically shaped me into the wonderful woman I am today AND I AM HERE TO STAY!!

Now 27 years later WHO WOULD IMAGINE that I would have the greatest pleasure of them all A Family!! Me and the wonderful man husband, boyfriend, spouse, best friend, partner in my life and I are raising 2 little ones a boy and a girl. How lucky are we, huh??  my chin is always high for THEM and US AND ME And when its not (when my super powers are drying out)..come on we always have those days, my wonderful spouse Denzal, is there to be the back, the spine to make sure life gets carried on in the correct direction its meant. My life is complete with happiness and that’s a wonderful feeling know that no matter what I will always be loved and appreciated. Being an active mom and role model is the greatest gift the greatest accomplishment for me in my life… in our lives.

I’m very Thoughtful, Intellectual, Creative, Driven, Determined, Goal Oriented and Different. I love to read and write(go figure HAHA). So I figure what’s more perfect than a blog? Some place where I can discuss over a range of different topics from personal experiences to business endeavors. Some place where I can release my talented energy and reflect some positive back out into the world.  I am very blunt and honest in my opinions but i can also understand and respect others personal beliefs. So please respect mines.


I am Jasmine and welcome to UNIQUE TOPICS!